You don't have to touch someone to touch someone....


   October 1, 2009                       

 Poet's House Grand Opening

   Saturday September 26, I attended the Grand Opening of the new location for Poet's House in New York City. Poet's House had been in SoHo for years, and now its permanent home is in Battery Park City facing the Hudson.

    As Poet's House supporter and lover of poetry Bill Murray says, "Poets need a refuge, a hideout, a clubhouse." And this is it!

  The event ended with acclaimed poets reading on the "front lawn" of Poet's House, Nelson Rockefeller Park. My sister Mary and I had a blast.



Mary got me these very funky cool sunglasses in the shape of spiderwebs. I wore them to the reading but then it got cloudy, so Mary had me put them on and take a vid. Sorry it's sideways! 

Marno finds a seat up front and center

The crowd gets bigger...

Mark Doty begins. He reads just one poem and introduces the rest.

Charles Bernstein

Regie Cabico

 Former Poet Laureate, Billy Collins. Great as always.

Cornelius Eady.

Kathleen Fraser

Michael Heller

Marie Howe. Who read her poem What The Living Do.

Dave Johnson read a poem about falling in love with a stranger on a subway. Loved it.

Kimiko Hahn

Galway Kinnell, a poet I had seen with Dad in Acton years ago. He read his poem "Oatmeal" in that great low rumbling voice of his:

"I am aware it is not good to eat oatmeal alone.
Its consistency is such that is better for your mental health
        if somebody eats it with you..."

Meena Alexander. Another great reader.

Marno checks out the Rockefeller Park.

Philip Levine. I came to NY specifically to see him. His new book of poems, News of The World is due in October. He's got a gruff yet plain way of speaking, ("This is from my new book," he said, not giving the title of the book.)

I've been reading Levine since I was in my 20s. His poems were my companions during some bleak times in Allston. I was happy to hear him in person.

Marno listens intently.

Patricia Spears Jones

Marie Ponsot

Quincy Troupe

Marno wears the spiderweb glasses Mary bought for her. Large frames are in vogue but turning without jabbing the person sitting next to her was an issue.

The event concluded with songs from Natalie Merchant.

The first time I drank gin I thought it must be hair tonic.

Philip Levine