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Dodge Poetry Festival 2014   

I'm counting the days down until we go to the Dodge Poetry Festival in Newark!

More than 70 poets will be reading and thousands of visitors will descend upon Military Park!

Hope to see you there!             

Glam Slam Cambridge Videos!

This week I'm posting the intro to our Glam Slam Cambridge Poetry gig with emcee George Ferencik thanking violinist Max Wolpert for his gorgeous playing throughout the first part of the evening. He introduces me here where I read, "The Dictionary of Goodbyes." Visit my Youtube Channel to view more from Glam Slam Cambridge. Enjoy:




Poet's House Grand Opening

 Attended the Poet's House Grand Opening where I saw some poets I haven't seen before and I got pictures of all of them. See them HERE.

Poet's House is a library, workshop, and event center for all.



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